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Contracts and government contracting:

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Coverage Area
New Jersey:
New York: includes NYC

How Does the Service Work???

BTB bids is a hands-on government bids, RFP's, RFQ's, and procurement contracts lead generation company. We aim to collect every possible bid the areas we cover, and we are constantly expanding and growing. We stand heads above other services because

We are at your service:
We interview you when you come on board ensuring that we understand exactly what markets and areas you would like us to track.

We do the work:
We assign a company representative to your account to ensure specific bids are researched and referred. Your rep also uses your feedback to constantly update and define your profile.

We pre-qualify your bids:
We find only those bids that meet your specific requirements eliminating all the work you normally have scanning page after page of irrelevant database bids that our competitors expect you to handle.

We do comprehensive bid coverage for defined geographic areas:
We specialize in doing exhaustive research for area bids that many larger bid tracking companies either ignore, or have no access to.

We offer flexible delivery options:
We realize that not every company wants an email communication. Very often our faxing service can make the difference between noticing an important bid and losing it to an unchecked email account.

Isn't it time you got the service you expected from a government procurement contracting and bid / RFP company?
If your answer is yes then it's time to get on board with the fastest growing bid and RFP contract reporting company.

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