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Bid News

What is Hot in the Government Bidding Contract Industry!
April 24, 2007 Collingswood

Being in the "bid business", we at have our fingers on the pulse of government contracting. We are constantly monitoring ALL industries to see what's hot (in high demand by the counties, townships, municipalities, authorities, schools, etc) so we can best direct our clientele and help them with such issues as business expansion, and where to best direct their resources.

Bidman, our resident expert, tells us that there are 2 particular industries that are really booming (seeing a sharp spike in the number of bid jobs available).

1st there's the "Gas/Fuel" category! Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Oil, Petroleum, even Kerosene bids are WAY up. With the uncertainty about where the price of energy sources is really going (up or down, and if up, how high?) state and local governments are putting out bids at a record pace. Some experts say this strategy is to lock them into a price for the life of the bid contract, others say there may be a philosophy where "stocking up" is the safe strategy. Regardless, Bidman tells us that the number of bids in the energy industry has taken a sharp upward spike, which will result in more & better choices for suppliers when it comes to location (for transportation costs) & price (more bids means fewer bidders for each individual bid)!

2nd there are the "Landscaping-Equipment " & "Landscaping-Supply" categories. Obviously, with the change of season towards the Spring and summer "growing" months, Landscaping Equipment/Supply distributors' products are now coming in demand. However, Bidman tells us that there are other factors that make this a "Hot" industry! The number of manual labor workers in the US has climbed in recent years, which led many of these workers to enter the construction & landscaping industries. This in turn has led to a spike in the number of new landscaping companies, and thus the demand for their equipment/supplies has also risen. Also, with the rise in the housing industry, there has also been an expansion in government building and thus great growth for the need of landscaping services. Again, their equipment/supplies are needed now more than ever!


The Bidman follows your requests and moves into Massachusetts!
September 25, 2006 BTB

The Bidman began indexing local, regional and business leads in Massachusetts!

"Our customers voiced an overwhelming interest in our providing the same high quality leads that we have been providing for many of the Northeastern states." said the Bidman. "We are excited to begin collating those hard to find bids that many other firms miss for their customers. Welcome Aboard Massachusetts!"


The Bidman needs to enlist your help on a VERY IMPORTANT project!
May 18, 2006 BTB

The Bidman calls upon all of the bidders in the GREAT USA to contact us & tell us where you would like to see BTBbids expand to. The Bidman knows that the there are literally hundreds of thousands of local and regional bids across the country that are being missed and neglected by the giant national bid reporting services! He wants to plot the company's course for expansion, and needs to hear from YOU which states you want included under the BTBbids umbrella. SO... contact Bidman, tell him which states you want liberated from the ineffective and sporadic coverage currently offered by the giant national bid reporting services. He is coming for YOU!


The Bidman to post OPEN bids on…
challenges competition to do the same.

May 8, 2006 BTB

In an open challenge to the big national bid reporting services, The Bidman will now post OPEN bids on the BTBbids website. 10 categories of OPEN bids will be listed on the site & updated on a regular basis. "BTBbids is THE BEST service out there, hands down!" says The Bidman, never a man to mince words. "My granddaddy always told me the proof's in the pudding, so never be afraid to back up your words with actions," continued The Bidman as he carefully selected a cross-section of local and regional bid opportunities to showcase the BTBbids service.

"Don't be fooled by the special pricing & fancy websites of the big national bid reporting services. They offer fluff over substance, making claims they don't back-up. At BTBbids, we know what the customer NEEDS... all of the local and regional bids that the other services simply cannot find. Now we prove it by putting OPEN bids directly on the website. But, The Bidman puts it best, "Now we've thrown down the gauntlet, placed a challenge... how will the competition respond? I'm not worried!!!!"


BTB bids invades Maryland!
May 3, 2006 BTB

Like General George S. Patton through Europe, BTBbids is
invading Maryland to rescue the state’s bidders from inferior bid reporting services. We completed the research; ordered the newspapers, discovered the websites, contacted the agencies… found the bids YOU need in order
to make money for your company
in Maryland’s vast bidding market. With a special focus on the more difficult to find local & regional bids, BTBbids now offers Maryland coverage that is up to the nearly impossibly high standard we have set for ourselves and our industry.

Please contact us to receive a free OPEN bid report in your industry right now!


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